Meet The Conservative Challenger For Senate In Utah: Tim Aalders

Tim Aalders, US Senate candidate, Utah

Some election races attract a lot more national attention than others, especially when you have a big celebrity name attached to it. Utah is normally ignored on the nationwide scale of things as we don’t have much excitement to offer, although this year is slightly different. That is because a former losing Presidential candidate figured that he could sail to an easy win by coming to a place that threw big support behind him the other two times his presidential campaign was on the ballot here.

But, we’re not here to talk about “Massachusetts Mitt,” as much as we are to highlight one of his staunchly conservative challengers. “But Mitt won the primary against Mike Kennedy? It’s game over man!” you might be thinking. Well not so fast – there is another alternative in Utah, and I’m not talking about the Democrat in the race.

Tim Aalders Vs. Mitt Romney, US Senate, Utah

Meet Utah native Tim Aalders. Tim doesn’t have nationwide name recognition; he challenged Orrin Hatch for the US Senate seat back in 2012. He also made a run for Congress in 2014. But more than that, he’s a small businessman who is much more in line with Utah culture and thinking than the guy with an R next to his name on the ballot who only gets to call the state home thanks to a vacation home that he’s used every once in a while.

If you don’t reside in Utah, but know someone who does, then by all means, send this post their way. While it is a difficult fight, it’s not impossible – Romney has been taking the run completely for granted, not bothering to show up to events (where he promised he’d appear) or debates. While it’s a sound political strategy for a juggernaut to pretend that you are running unopposed, that is hardly the behavior and attitude that an elected representative should hold, as he’s hardly in it for Utah, just for himself and becoming the next John McCain.

As soon as I learned about Tim’s run for the Senate, I reached out to him with some questions on his run. Here are the answers; before that, here are some links.

Tim’s Official Website / Facebook Page / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram

Sparta Report: Hi Tim, thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. We’ll start with the basics – tell us about yourself and what qualifies you to be the next Senator from Utah?

Tim Aalders:  I have been a CEO and COO most of my career and have fought to protect the Constitution on the radio for over 7 years as a national host. In 2012 I was the only person in America to review all laws on the books for all 50 states and federal government and create a freedom index ranking each states House, Senate, and Governor and same with Federal Government. I have interviewed and have contact with most members of the Congress and they know me as a fair listener.

On the front page of your website, you have a video called BUY BACK AMERICA – MAIN STREET. What is that all about?

TA: It was a project I did for two years to try and protect main street businesses what I consider America’s life blood.


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SR: Not many people are familiar with the Constitution Party, which was founded in Utah. How does it differ in substance from the Republican Party?

TA: It is very similar in Constitutional and conservative views, but has not sold out to the Washington establishment. It is the place where republicans can go after they’ve grown tired of Republican representatives who break their solemn oaths. It’s focused on staying on the correct path.


SR: What is your opinion of President Donald Trump? How would you rate his performance as President over the past two years?

TA: President Trump is a wildcard who is trying to straighten out a colossal mess that is Washington. I do not agree with some of his off handed comments, but with what he is trying to accomplish I agree with him. The mess created by the two parties is not easy to fix and it will be painful process to go through. But it has to happen.

SR: Do you agree that the Senate under Mitch McConnell should be changing the rules to go to a simple majority vote to be able to move President Trump’s agenda forward?

TA: This is a tactic started by Harry Reid and it can always backfire, but we know that Democrats are not above doing the same thing. In my view, we need to fix as much as we can as fast as we can. But going by such rules was not right for either party as that was not the intention of the Founders when they created Congress.

SR: What is your philosophy on how to grow the US economy?

TA: In a nutshell, let it be Capitalist. Let the private sector do what they do best. Move most agencies away from the Federal Government and allow States to compete and markets to be competitive.

SR: Where should cuts be made within the Federal Government to reduce spending over the long-term?

TA: Almost every Federal agency should be moved to the states, and the Federal Government should go back to what is defined within the Constitution. This would reduce spending a great deal and be more “original” in how our Republic was designed to function.

SR: What is your stance on tariffs and trade?

TA: Almost every country has tariffs on our goods that are much larger then what America puts on theirs. That is not free or fair trade and the reason other countries have been able to steal our manufacturing jobs. I believe that our tariffs should be equal to that of other countries. Once again this will hurt for the short period, but will be better for America in the long run.

 SR: Should the United States stay in NAFTA? 


SR: What is your stance on immigration? Do you support building a wall along our Southern Border?

TA: I am the son of Immigrants from the Netherlands who had to renew their green cards for years before being accepted here. A saying I always refer to is: “Good fences make for good neighbors.” Even Mexico has fences on their southern borders – but not on the American side. We also need to be able to vet the people coming here for the safety of our legal citizens, so I would support a merit-based legal immigration system.

TimAalders Immigration

Uploaded by Tim 4 Utah on 2018-05-25.

SR: Who is better suited to handling the US health care system, the government or the private sector? Why?

TA: The private sector, without a doubt! Name me one successful program the Federal Government has ever ran? The private sector works best when competition exists, as that spirit cultivates innovation, jobs and lower costs. The Government has stolen money from every program it has run, so we cannot trust them with the governance of healthcare in any form.

SR: As a Senator there is always a possibility that you would need to vote on military action overseas. How would you approach taking a vote for or against such actions?

TA: How does the considered action threaten America’s safety and security? If we are honest with ourselves, military action under the previous two administrations has done little to lessen the threats that we see coming from Middle Eastern countries – some might say it has made hostilities worse.

We also need to stop sending weapons of war to rulers to dictators and tyrants – they always come back and are then used against our young men and women.

If such an action was coming to a vote, I would attend briefings and research everything I can before making a decision. With today’s technology it is easy to hold some fast, organized town halls to allow the people of Utah who I would represent to share their opinions.


SR: What is your opinion on the developments that the Trump Administration has taken in regards to enemy states like North Korea, Iran and Venezuela?

TA: It looks good for now but we have to monitor on a daily bases because these countries have proven in the past that they are not trustworthy.


SR: Should the Federal government be restricting access to firearms in the name of safety?

TA: Never

Tim Aalders 2nd Amendment

Tim’s Thoughts on 2nd Amendment

SR: Also in the name of safety, should the government be gathering information on the communications of all Americans without a warrant?

TA: Never and if caught doing it they should be prosecuted.

Tim Aalders The NSA

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SR: With Anthony Kennedy retiring back in July, this has brought the issue of Senate confirmations and judges to the forefront of the news again. As Senator, what kind of qualities would to be looking for in a candidate judge?

TA: Someone that views the Constitution as the rule of law America is built on. Someone who will not allow public emotions to influence opinions. Someone who understands the differences between what is a State issue and a Federal issue. A person who will do the job as Founders intended and stop congressional over reach by reviewing new laws for constitutionality.

SR: When would you use the filibuster power?

TA: Every time Republicans and Democrats try to overreach into personal or state sovereignty. Whenever a bill currently being debated looks to place America in even more debt.

SR: In modern DC politics, we seem to jump from one government shutdown to the next. In what cases would you support shutting down the Federal Government?

TA: Any omnibus bill congress needs to create a balanced budget that does not increase and hopefully lowers the current debt.

SR: Should abortion be legal?


Tim Aalders Pro Life

Uploaded by Tim 4 Utah on 2018-05-25.

SR: Both of your opponents from the major parties firmly believe that man is responsible for causing temperatures to go up across the planet. Do you agree with what is called “climate change”?

TA: I have read both sides of argument and see it this way: Can we be better with how wasteful we are as American’s? Yes. Could we treat nature nicer then what we do? Yes. But climate change on the whole I would have to say no.

SR: How many terms in office should Federal politicians be able to serve?

SR: Two, if their “constitutional ranking” is above 90%

SR: Do you think that there are any amendments that the Constitution currently needs to scale back the size and scope of the Federal Government on a more permanent basis? What kind of amendments do you think would help?

TA: First, I support repealing the 14th because Government uses this to say they have authority for anything and everything that they want to impose on the populace. Second, I would repeal the 16th , because it was never intended for the Federal Government to be able to tax individuals. Finally, the 17th , so that we can grant the individual States their original ability to check and balance power. There’s more on that in the video:

Tim Aalders 17th Amendment

Uploaded by Tim 4 Utah on 2018-05-25.

For additions, I would support an an amendment that limits lobbyist ability to spend on elections and bills; one that places term limits on elected officials; one that holds Congress to same rules as the private sector (healthcare and retirement being prime examples) and finally an amendment that requires elected officials to spend 2/3 of their time residing in their home state.

SR: What is your stance on the Inland Port that is being discussed in Utah?

TA: Salt Lake is considered a good location for an inland port and if that is the case someone in the private sector would see an opportunity to buy land and create one. Government should not try to compete in business markets.

SR: It is well known that running as a 3rd Party Candidate, you’ve got an uphill battle that is almost like fighting on a sheer cliff. That said, it is not impossible for a 3rd party candidate to be elected to the Senate. How do you plan on overcoming the odds and becoming one of those rare cases?

TA: We have taken the time to build a solid infrastructure. We have great campaign consultants and marketing experts who have ran and worked on many successful Republican campaigns. All that being said, the people of Utah have to say enough is enough and decide to change.

SR: How would you prevent yourself from becoming infected with “Beltway Syndrome” where politicians talk a good game during elections but when they arrive in DC, become seduced by donors and puff pieces?

TA: I have no plans on trying to receive donated money for a second term election if I decide to run let me be judged by the merits of my first term. I plan to do what my campaign calls “Reality DC” – I refuse to meet with any lobbyist or special interest without broadcasting live, since I work for the people of Utah they should see what is being asked of me and them.

TIm Aalders, US Senate candidate, Utah

My thanks to Tim for taking the time out of his schedule to answer all of these questions!

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