Manafort Trial Judge Ellis Reveals Death Threats

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Manafort Judge Ellis Death Threats

Judge T.S. Ellis, the man overseeing Paul Manafort’s fraud trial, has revealed today that he’s been receiving death threats. Things have gotten so bad that Ellis is being guarded by U.S. marshals. Paragons of Fake News have been pushing for Judge Ellis to release the Manafort jury members’ identities. Judge Ellis has declined to do so.

I’ll tell you why, and whether or not I think Judge Ellis is right in this quick little episode of Trigger Warning Radio.

Show Notes

  1. Judge Ellis revealed he has been threatened.
    1. Guarded by U.S. marshals.
    2. Refuses to release juror’s info.
  2. Why Ellis is right to be concerned.
    1. How the Left has treated the Manafort trial.
  3. Is Judge Ellis right?

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