Maduro Blames Colombia For Drone Attack

It was pretty obvious that the drone attack on Maduro on Saturday was probably conducted by local regime opposition, but as is typical for Maduro, he goes right into kooky conspiracy theories about Colombia being out to get him:

Venezuela’s government said explosives carried by drones were detonated near President Nicolás Maduro and his entourage at a military ceremony Saturday in what the leader called an assassination attempt by right-wing foes.

Mr. Maduro was unharmed, but the blasts injured seven soldiers taking part in a military parade honoring the National Guard in the capital of Caracas, the government said.

“It was an attempt to kill me, they tried to assassinate me today,” Mr. Maduro said on national television three hours after the incident, as his aides listened and applauded him.

The president said suspects had been arrested but didn’t specify a number. He vowed that others would be rounded up in what he said would be a harsh crackdown.

“You’ve failed again,” he said, referring to his opponents. “There will not be forgiveness. We will chase you and we will capture you wherever you ”

Mr. Maduro blamed the government of Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, who has been critical of growing repression in Venezuela, as well as unnamed right-wing forces in Florida. He didn’t provide evidence for his assertions. Mr. Maduro and his aides frequently blame Colombia, a close ally of the U.S., for orchestrating operations aimed at destabilizing Venezuela’s leftist government.

In the Colombian capital of Bogotá, where Mr. Santos will hand over power to President-elect Ivan Duque in four days, government spokesman Camilo Granada dismissed Mr. Maduro’s claims.

“There’s no basis” to the accusations, Mr. Granada said. Mr. Santos spent Saturday focused on the baptism of his granddaughter, “and not on overthrowing foreign governments,” he added.


Written by Doomberg

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