Psychotic Leftists Shame The Newseum

The Newseum is a seven-story interactive museum located in Washington, D.C. dedicated to the history of journalism in America. The Newseum’s stated mission is ” to increase public understanding of the importance of a free press and the First Amendment.” Everyone on both the Left and the Right can agree that this is a laudable goal, regardless of your definition of a free press.

newseum cnn fake news
Not pictured: a fair and free news organization.

Recently, however, this prestigious institution has come under attack from psychotic Leftists. Why? Because the Newseum has dared to profit off of right-wing Nazi bigotry.

In other words, they’re selling MAGA hats.

newseum maga hat
I bet this hat lynched 10 gay blacks before breakfast…

And…*gasp* “You Are Very Fake News” shirts!

newseum fake news shirt
Oh, a sale!

Of course the Left could let such heresy go unanswered. How dare the Newseum promote the bigotry and hatred of Literally Orange Hitler and his hateful, bigoted Nazi minions! Leftists across the nation took to Twitter to express their outrageous outrage.

The blog Poynter, a website which I’ve never heard of but assures me that it’s “a global leader in journalism,” published a scathing piece written by “fact checker” David Funke.

newseum tobias funke
Err…wait…wrong Funke…

Funke’s piece is short, but highlights the fact that Leftist journalists are very, very unhappy that the Newseum is profiting off of pro-Trump apparel. Funke quotes one unnamed White House Press Corps member as saying:

“I go to the Newseum a lot and actually saw these T-shirts previously,” the reporter told Poynter. “I remember commenting to my friend how inappropriate I thought it was to sell this anti-press material at a museum that celebrates our industry.

“’Fake news’ is a phrase that undercuts our profession and the hard-working journalists who practice the craft. Selling clothing that is blatantly anti-press further promotes hatred towards journalists.”

Sonya Gavankar, public relations director for the Newseum, released a statement to Poynter, telling them that the pro-Trump merchandise on their store is an example of the Newseum’s mission to present all sides of an argument.

Gavankar took it a step further, telling Poynter:

“We recognize why you’re asking the question. As a nonpartisan organization, people with differing viewpoints feel comfortable visiting the Newseum, and one of our greatest strengths is that we’re champions not only of a free press but also of free speech.

The MAGA hat and the FBI hat are two of our best-selling items.”

One has to admire the “bless your heart” tone of Gavankar’s statement. She aptly restates the Newseum’s mission to people who obviously don’t understand its purpose. I can only hope Gavankar wrote this statement while rolling in a pool of MAGA hat money.

newseum sonya gavankar
Pictured: Sonya Gavankar (probably)…

Of course, the irony here is that these “journalists” would no doubt consider themselves defenders of the First Amendment. Instead of lauding the Newseum for impartially presenting the views of all sides they’re attempting to shame the museum for exercising its own right to free speech.

It’s just one more example of why the press really is the enemy of the people.

UPDATE: I take back everything nice I just said about the Newseum.

This is why we can’t have nice things.


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