Impeachment! The Greatest Show on Earth!

Your Uncle Bruno’s new BFF is now Bobby Mueller AKA  “The Mule” round these here parts.

As such and fittingly, YUB is now All In for El Donaldo’s Impeachment Extravaganza.

As a committed Spenglarian I have decided that since I missed out on the Fall and Sacking of Rome, the Borgia Papacy and the heyday of the Weimer Republic it is only Just Desserts that I get a taste of some small flavor of an exceedingly entertaining Civilizational Pockyclips.

All of this is thanks to Sparta’s Own Fossten who, while trolling the bowels of The Internets, came upon this recent comment over at Breitbart:

The Democrats, the MSM, and the leftist trolls here have not thought this through:

What happens after Article of Impeachment is a trial in the Senate.

Unlike in the Destroy Trump Media, a Senate trial is not going to consist of a partisan journalist trooper carrying out her/his orders to assemble like-minded so-called experts for an all-in-agreement propaganda splurge against Trump.

To the contrary, Trump is going to subpoena Hillary, Bill, Chelsea, Huma, Anthony, Strozk, Page, Podesta (both of them), Steele, Rosenstein, Comey, and on and on and on for possibly hundreds of witnesses, where they will all find out what real cross-examination is like, unlike their talking head appearances on friendly tv. More important, Trump will begin his defense with the now required litigation letter for the witnesses ALL of them to preserve their electronic records on all their devices.

Next, Hillary’s server (or what’s left of it), Huma/Anthony’s laptop, and the DNC server and all computers are going to be ordered produced. Hillary’s despoilation of the evidence on her devices will alone cause Trump’s exoneration.

Although CNN, MSNBC, the NYTimes, and WaPo may have privileged information from sources that can’t be touched, just wait for their inter-company communications to be revealed that are NOT privileged. In addition, neither the FBI nor the DOJ is going to be able to do anything in the face of the demands of the trial and the President to do anything but forthwith turn over ALL their documents, NO redactions allowed.

This trial will be fought out on Trump’s battleground of choosing, live television, where he understands getting out the message far better than his opponents. Trump will have the best lawyers, the greatest legal killers highest on the food chain that money can afford, which is limitless, against a bunch of fixer lawyers like Lanny Davis.

And, speaking of Lanny Davis, does anyone else think it’s a bit odd that in an investigation started by Hillary’s phony dossier that HER and Bill’s lawyer is the one pleading Michael Cohen guilty in a further attempt to bring down Trump. Talk about the appearance of impropriety.

The impeachment trial will expose the Democratic Party for the empty vessel it is, standing only for the election of its cadres for the sake of power; a party without policies, that hijacked the government to keep that power, and it won’t survive the exposure.

This may be why Trump is content to wait. He holds all the ~ahem~ Trump cards.

What’s not to like here Spartans and Spartanettes?

I can see this Greatest Show on Earth dragging on for months, maybe into 2020 with a modicum of luck; everyday a new parade of testimony and weasels squirming under the unforgiving inquisition of a school of legal sharks circling the Congressional equivalent of the Indianapolis.

Oh yeah baby!

In the Immortal Words of Marvin Gaye and later Hall of Fame hurler Jack Morris on the eve of the Greatest Game 7 ever:

“Let’s Get It On!”

Bruno Strozek

Written by Bruno Strozek

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