Haiti May Be Calming Down After Last Month’s Riots

After the riots in Haiti were over, some observers were concerned about the potential for further violence. The riots hadn’t solved anything, and the people were frustrated with their corrupt and inept government, corrupt and inept NGOs, and the inflation of their currency, the gourde.

However, for the time being, it seems like things are returning to normal. Haiti’s opposition called for a general strike on July 31, and the strike doesn’t seem to have materialized at all:

On Monday, the call for a general strike, launched by several socio-political organizations in particular: the National Union of Haitian Normalians (UNNOH), the M22, “Anbake pou chanje”, the “Rasin kan pèp la” party, the Collective of progressive Haitian student organizations was little followed at the level of the metropolitan region, while that the forces of the order were visible in several strategic points of the capital.

Car traffic was fluid in the early hours, on several axes of the metropolitan area. Commercial enterprises, including the informal sector, and banks functioned normally after a timid start, while the transport sector was only affected early in the morning in some parts of the capital. Subsequently, public transport vehicles circulated without constraints in the various arteries of Port-au-Prince, Delmas, Carrefour, Pétion-ville and Tabarre. In addition, the strike watchword has not been respected in many provincial cities.

Josué Mérilien Coordinator of UNNOH denounced Monday an attempt by the Government, to have wanted to stop the strike, indicating that a campaign of information on social networks led to believe that the strike was canceled. Moreover, he accuses, without naming them, trade unionists of having received money from the power in place, to break the mobilization.

For its part M22 (Movement of January 22) believes that the partial success of the strike is explained by the lack of support of many unions of drivers.

Another way you can tell Haiti is returning to normal is that I had to find this out from a local source like the linked Haiti Libre. No MSM reporters are to be found.


Written by Doomberg

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