A Good Guy With A Gun Saves Children In Titusville

good guy with a gun titusville

This past weekend almost saw a mass shooting at a back to school event in Titusville, FL. Luckily tragedy was averted when a good guy with a gun intervened and saved the day. This man saved potentially dozens of lives, and is undoubtedly a hero. In a just world his praises would be sung across this great nation.

You won’t hear about the Titusville shooting in the Mainstream Media, though.

I’ll tell you why on the latest episode of Trigger Warning Radio.

Show Notes

  1. Shots rang out at back to school event in Titusville, FL.
    1. Shooting stemmed from a fight during a basketball game earlier in the day.
    2. Over 150 people attended Peace In The City event at Isaac Campbell Park.
    3. Play video of the shooting.
  2. Man with a gun stopped the shooter.
    1. Shooter is critically wounded and hospitalized.
    2. Hero has a license to conceal carry.
    3. Police will not file charges.
    4. Could have been much worse.
  3. Where is the Left reporting on this?
    1. They will ignore it.
    2. Leftists do not want you to have guns.
    3. How many lives did this man save?
    4. Leftists would take away his gun.

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