Gab Fights Back Against Microsoft’s Threats

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gab fights back microsoft threats

Last week Microsoft threatened to pull the plug on Gab, the free speech social media network, if they did not remove offensive posts from one of their users. Despite being posted over a month ago, Microsoft determined the offensive speech violated their Terms of Service. Coincidentally this came two days after Gab founder Andrew Torba gave an interview on InfoWars. Gab removed the offending posts after some drama with the user that posted them.

Yesterday Microsoft went after Gab again for another post that supposedly violated its terms of service. This time, however, Gab was ready and fought back with a statement of their own.

I’ll discuss Gab’s response to Microsoft’s relentless attacks on today’s episode of Trigger Warning Radio.

Show Notes

  1. Remember Microsoft previously attacked Gab.
    1. Demanded anti-Semitic posts be taken down or else.
    2. Gab removed the posts.
  2. Microsoft has attacked Gab again.
    1. Demanded Gab remove a post from the account “Free Britain.”
      1. Stated it incited violence.
      2. microsoft attacks gab free britain
  3. This time, however, Gab was ready.
    1. The response.
  4. Microsoft’s attacks on Gab are not about safety or enforcing the law.
    1. Started attacking Gab two days after founder Andrew Torba went on InfoWars.
  5. The latest attacks show the limits of the free market.
    1. Where do we go from here?

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