Did a White Man Urinate on a Black Child in Grand Rapids, Michigan?

Short answer: no.

But sometimes The Narrative is just too good, as in this series of fake news stories about a 60 year old white man urinating on a 5 year old black child.

The man who was intially arrested is mentally ill and a non-compliant sex offender, so there’s that angle.

But there’s also the trained mental health professionals who bought the story angle too.

It’s just kinda sad all the way around.

The comments from readers are worth checking out.

Here’s a couple links in reverse chronological order, other links are embedded in the stories:

Children made up story about white man urinating on black child: police

GRAND RAPIDS, MI — A story about a white man urinating on a 5-year-old black child and calling her a racial slur was fabricated, police said. Grand Rapids police and prosecutors late Friday, Aug. 24 said they determined the story was not valid and said no charges would be issued against a 60-year-old man arrested following the initial report on Wednesday.

NAACP: Man accused of urinating on black girl committed hate crime, assault

UPDATE: Children made up story about white man urinating on black child: police GRAND RAPIDS, MI – The local NAACP says a man who allegedly urinated on a young black girl, and used a racial slur, should face sex-assault and hate-crime charges. The 60-year-old suspect is held in the Kent County Jail.

Takeaway: The kids should have ID’ed the man as in his 70’s with an orange complexion and a bad blonde comb-over…

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