Deplorable Toothless Garbage Person of Color Harassed in Philly

What passes for informed political discourse was recently on display at a restaurant in Philly.

In the linked video below rising star conservative Candace Owens is treated to the Full Maxine Waters:

The incident is discussed here:


The harassment faced by Owens is just another example of the Ongoing War on Deplorable Toothless Garbage People as excellently chronicled in this post by the incomparable Victor Davis Hanson:

…Trump voters should be deported and illegal aliens welcomed in their place. After the 2016 election, conservative NeverTrump pundits variously expressed their contempt for Trump supporters as a sort of class of expendables, or at least as inferior to immigrants.

David Brooks, for example, claimed that white working communities were often xenophobic given their own realization of inferiority. “You’d react negatively, too, if confronted with people who are better versions of what you wish you were yourself,” he wrote.


Sometimes state rather than national deportation is dreamed of as a less drastic cure for the deplorables. Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton said that his state’s white population did not have enough “B+” citizens and therefore needed to find them from Somalia. “Our economy cannot expand based on white, B+, Minnesota-born citizens. We don’t have enough.” One wonders why the bigot Dayton considered himself and unknown Somali immigrants en masse to be B+ and above, but most of his fellow Minnesotans otherwise sub-B+. What were the racial criteria by which he judged whole classes of people?

As usual the whole post is spot on and deserves to be read in it’s entirety.

Bruno Strozek

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