Dems promise to subordinate men if they retake the House

American Thinker: Democrats are promising that women will be the ones wearing the pants in the House if they get a majority in the November elections.  That’s because not only would Nancy Pelosi become speaker, but 35 women would head major committees and subcommittees.  Voters who think women are better at ruling because of their sex are politically aroused.

Just look at the over-the-top rhetoric:

35 women are poised to lead committees and subcommittees in the next Congress … put[ting] female lawmakers in the driver’s seat[.] … [It would take] take the “Year of the Woman” to new heights of power.

Party leaders are practically giddy at the thought of positioning more women in power[.]  “It is absolutely vital that women leaders take their rightful seat at the table: at the head of the table,” Pelosi told The Hill in an email.


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