CNN Denies Social Media Censorship Exists

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CNN censorship

Conservatives across the country are concerned about Big Tech censoring their views on social media. President Trump himself has even voiced his fears about his supporters’ voices being silenced.

Luckily CNN, the leader in fake news, is on the case. None other than the great Oliver Darcy has looked into the rumors, and determined that there’s nothing to our fears of censorship. There’s no grand conspiracy. We’re just racist, paranoid wingnuts.

I’ll tell you why they’re wrong on today’s episode of Trigger Warning Radio.

Show Notes

  1. CNN’s Oliver Darcy penned op-ed on Trump’s words on censorship.
    1. Said there’s no censorship of conservatives.
    2. Paints conservative complaints as a conspiracy theory.
  2. CNN led the effort to deplatform Alex Jones.
    1. Lobbied YouTube to remove Jones.
    2. Oliver Darcy pressured Facebook and Twitter to remove Jones.
  3. Censorship of conservatives is real.
    1. Big Tech silences conservative voices every day.
    2. Free Brazil Movement silenced by Facebook in July.
  4. CNN’s past actions against conservative speakers.
    1. Blackmailed a man who made a meme.
    2. Doxxed a old woman in Florida because of a Facebook post.
    3. Chris Cuomo justified violence against the Right.

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