Chris Cuomo Admits Fake News Is The Enemy

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Chris Cuomo Fake News Enemy

Thursday marked the day that newspapers across the country banded together in an organized effort to prove that there is no organized effort to take down President Trump. Hundreds of newspapers colluded to decry President Trump’s harsh rhetoric against the press. Even CNN, the leader in Fake News, joined in the presidential pile on.

I was going to refute the arguments of these paragons of Fake News point by point in a long-winded take down of the Mainstream Media.

Instead I’ll let CNN anchor Chris Cuomo tell you in his own words why Fake News is indeed the enemy of the people.

Show Notes

  1. Mainstream Media colluded Thursday to prove there’s no organized effort to take down President Trump.
    1. Over 300 newspapers participated.
      1. Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, and the Los Angeles Times declined.
    2. Blasted Trump for saying the media is the enemy of the people.
  2. Chris Cuomo’s rebuttal.
  3. Conclusion.

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