Breaking: Adulterous Deep Stater and Serial Texter Peter Strzok Fired From the FBI

Peter Strzok

Buh bye. reports that

FBI official Peter Strzok, who played a lead role in both the Russian meddling and Hillary Clinton email probes but became a political lightning rod after the revelation of anti-Trump text messages, has been fired.

Strzok attorney Aitan Goelman said in a statement that his client, a 21-year FBI veteran, was fired Friday afternoon, claiming this was a departure from standard practice. Goelman said the bureau’s deputy director “overruled” the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility.

“This decision should be deeply troubling to all Americans,” the attorney said.

President Trump and his allies for months have hammered Strzok and cast him as the poster child for anti-Trump bias within the bureau and Justice Department.

He was removed from the special counsel probe after the discovery that he exchanged anti-Trump and other politically charged messages with colleague and lover Lisa Page.

The Washington Post first reported the firing.

It appears that the FBI Hierarchy are hearing footsteps.

Which leads to speculation involving those 2 planeloads of files that were brought to FBI HQ in Washington from the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Arkansas over the last few days.

Could there be more unraveling of the spider’s web that is the Deep State and their failed covert operation to keep Donald J. Trump from becoming president on the way?

What began under the Administration of Former President Barack Hussein Obama is still covertly operating in the Beltway today.

I watched the Congressional Hearing involving Strzok for about an hour or so before I had to go to work that day.

I literally had to restrain myself from throwing something at my television whenever Strzok was testifying.

His arrogant smarmy smugness made me want to punch him right in his pie hole.

His firing should have taken place much sooner than it did.



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