Yes, I’m an Angry Democrat

Thread by @BryanDeanWright

This Twitter thread by @BryanDeanWright is refreshing in its normalcy. Or what used to be normal which was when one Party lost an election, tried to make the best of things for the good of the country, and regrouped to try to win the next election.

Bryan Dean Wright is a Fox News contributor. He is a former CIA officer and member of the Democratic Party who resides in Oregon.

We, of course, are fair and balanced at the Sparta Report and here’s what Media Matters says: “Bryan Dean Wright, a consultant looking for career opportunities and freelance gigs, has found the perfect publicity gimmick to get in outlets such as Fox News: proclaiming he’s ‘a Democrat but’ agreeing with Republican positions.”


Yes, I’m an angry #Democrat.

We’re not a reasonable party anymore. We’ve exhausted ourselves with conspiracies & outrage while ignoring facts & careful analysis. Then we have the audacity to complain about the fatigue of it all.

Let’s review the party’s madness.

  • Since our #2016Election loss, we have flopped in every direction to find an excuse for our failure.
  • Blame the 63M deplorable Trump voters.
  • Blame the #ElectoralCollege.
  • Blame Comey.
  • Blame the Russians

No. Stop it. Blame Clinton, the DNC, & her primary voters. They suck.

About those #Russians. We have assured ourselves that Trump is a Russian traitor. We’ve held up the #SteeleDossier as proof. Nevermind that CIA Director Brennan gave it “no particular credence.” Rather than let Mueller find the facts, we’ve already executed POTUS for treason.

Meanwhile, we’ve defended the #FBI, calling them unquestionable defenders of freedom.

Nevermind that Hellen Keller could see that the senior ranks — Comey, Strzok, etc — deserved scrutiny & punishment. Indeed, the #IGReport laid out a damning case in painful detail. Oops.

Socially, we’ve also fanned the flames of discord. After #Charlottesville, we were more concerned about tearing down Confederate statues than holding #Antifa’s feet to the fire. And those statues? America wanted new ones next to the old. Add to history, not destroy it. But no.

And then there was #BLM. Less than 1,000 people die annually at the hands of a cop. Out of 325 million people. And most of the dead are white. Studies do show people of color suffer harassment by cops at higher levels than whites. But not deaths.Where was that nuance?


Now let’s talk #Islam. Democrats scream that “We’re All Muslim” while wearing scarfs that actual Muslim women dream of taking off w/o being jailed. And what about Salafi Muslims who hate gays, science, & democracy? Are Democrats those Muslims too? Zero reason in this debate.

Which leads to #immigration. We’re embracing #AbolishICE knowing full well the history of the Abolish movement is to create #OpenBorders. Nevermind that polls overwhelmingly show Americans want illegals deported, humanely, and our border strengthened. But Dem elites don’t care.

Now we’re embracing #Socialism w/ no concern for its dark history or how we’d pay for all of those “free” programs. Normally the media would hold these folks accountable. But no. They’re too busy calling Socialists “badass” and “super impressive.” How objective!

None of this means Trump or Republicans are the answer. Some of the garbage that’s coming out of their mouths is equally wrong. But unless Democrats present a credible alternative, our arguments won’t matter. Rightfully so. We will have whined & cried wolf one too many times.

I’m done w/ #Progressives.

I’m done w/ the #RESISTANCE.

I’m done with the Nazi talk, the bashing of Trump voters.

I’m done with the refusal to own our mistakes.

And yes, I’m done with folks like @michaelianblack, who sit in mansions & complain of fatigue.

They can pound sand.

Mark Rosneck

Written by Mark Rosneck

Site owner and whipping boy. Posting entirely in whiteface.

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