Would Be Diners at the Red Hen Restaurant See a Shocking Sign, Protests

The restaurant that booted Sarah Huckabee Sanders out has finally reopened their doors again to the general public. But this time they were greeted to protests.

Some loyal restaurant goers still made their way into the restaurant amidst the crowd of protesters.

The protesters didn’t deter Arlene White from going to her favorite restaurant in Lexington.

She walked past a row of them holding signs and waving American and Virginia flags to enter The Red Hen and inquire about how to get a table.

“It’s our neighborhood restaurant, and it’s the best food in town,” White said.

The restaurant has had to deal with daily protests since the owner, a left wing affiliated individual, performed her stunt.

The restaurant quietly reopened its doors Thursday to customers, 13 days after the owner declined to serve White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

The event set off a national debate about civility and treatment of government officials. The episode has resulted in small protests nearly every day outside the restaurant.

However, those who came to the restaurant yesterday were faced with a sad development. Those who went to the restaurant were greeted with a sign stating that the restaurant was only accepting reservations and the general public was not permitted within the restaurant.

“Moderates” and “non political” people who turned out to the restaurant to show their support for the “brave” owner singling out public officials and kicking them out of her restaurant were likewise met with disappointment in the “invite only” revelation. A man who was on his way home to the communist state of Vermont talked to the media, saying that he wanted show support for the owner.

“I thought it was very brave what the owner did,” said Don Mandelkorn, who stopped for the night in Lexington on his way home to Vermont and hoped to eat at The Red Hen. “It probably didn’t come easy. It was probably a difficult decision, but we wanted to support what she did, the actions she took.”

The protesters were having fun at the owner’s expense:

About a dozen protesters stood outside the restaurant carrying signs with sayings such as “Hey Red Hen, Go Cluck Yourself.”

One man wore a KFC bucket filled with rubber chickens around his waist with a sign saying “The future of a red hen.”


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