Washington Post Upset Over…. Rising Wages?

Political commentators on the right have been wondering: Where did this sudden hoax about “TRUMP IS PUTTING CHILDREN IN NAZI DEATH CAMPS” suddenly come from? At the time, many assumed it is because of electoral concerns. This might be the case, but I suspect that it is at least partly coming from the fabulously wealthy business owners of the left, who are very upset that they might have to pay workers higher wages:

Rising wages for blue-collar truckers are a threat to the nation’s economy, says Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post.

“The challenges facing the industry, including trucking companies rapidly raising prices as they raise wages, have special power to affect the entire economy,” writes Heather Long.

Her article, headlined, “America’s severe trucker shortage could undermine the prosperous economy,” continued:

delivery delays are common, and businesses such as Amazon, General Mills and Tyson Foods are raising prices as they pass higher transportation costs along to consumers. On a recent call with investors, a Walmart executive called rising transportation costs the company’s primary “head wind.”

The gains for employees are a novel pain for the investors and employers who have been able to hold down wages for decades because the federal government is trying to grow the economy via cheap-labor legal immigration.

The unexpected rise in wages is also a problem for Jeff Bezos, the billionaire owner of the Washington Post whose Amazon retail empire depends on cheap truck transport. His business is already facing higher warehouse costs because the nation’s 800,000 warehouse workers have won a 9.4 percent pay increases since January 2017.


Written by Doomberg

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