#WalkAway Founder Refused Service At Electronics Store

Brandon Straka

Liberals often snarked about George W. Bush’s famous quote “Either you are with us. or you’re with the terrorists.” Unfortunately, they seem to be applying this quote to all their critics:

The final piece of equipment he needed was a microphone, so he was sent upstairs where he was recognized at the counter by a customer in front of him. “I saw you on Tucker! [the conservative “Tucker Carlson Tonight” show on Fox],” said the excited customer.

“You’re that Walk Away guy!” He wanted to have his picture taken with Straka, and Straka happily obliged. Then the customer left, and Straka told the store clerk what kind of microphone he wanted.

“He stared at me with this kind of dead-pan expression,” Straka told The Epoch Times. “And he said: Are you planning to use this equipment for alt-right purposes?’”

As Straka struggled to comprehend what was happening, the clerk, whom Straka asked not be named, said: “I’m sorry I just don’t feel comfortable selling to you. I can’t sell to you.”

Straka felt shocked. This was his first experience of a public shunning, with a stranger, though he had experienced it with friends, and worries it could happen with clients, in his work as a freelance hair dresser.

“It kind of took my breath away,” he said. “I said to him, ‘Listen, if you can’t sell to me, that’s fine, but, you know, person to person, I’d like to talk to you, because I don’t think you know what Walk Away is about. And he said, ‘Well, you know, I’m done. I’m not comfortable selling to you. You’re welcome to talk to someone else in the store but I’m not going to sell to you.’”

Note that Straka is not in any way, shape or form on the “alt-right.” He’s merely left the Democrats. It’s clear liberals think moderates and apolitical people are their enemies as much as the most full-throated Trump supporters.


Written by Doomberg

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