U-Pic-Em: Must Do Sci-Fi Movie Remakes for The Age of Trump

Another lazy blogger day where by Your Uncle Bruno cribs an idea from The Smart People at PJMedia.

Out of the five on this list the only one that strikes me as a Must Do is They Live:

When you think of awesome movies, you don’t tend to think of movies starring former WWF stars like “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, but They Live is a cult classic. Ostensibly a criticism of consumerism, conformity, and any number of other topics, the movie takes on a special significance in a world where people are expected to adhere to social justice orthodoxy regardless of how ridiculous it may seem.

However, as the original film ended, it seemed the aliens who had taken over so much of our world were doomed. After all, the whole world could see them for what they were.

But what happened next?

We’d like to think we rebelled and overthrew the new oppressors, but did we? There are a lot of possibilities out there to explore in future movies.

While Piper died in 2015, his character was fatally wounded at the end of the film, so there would be no need to recast the part. In fact, most of the key characters failed to survive the movie, so there’s no reason to try and recast original actors at all. Sounds like a recipe for success to me.

I always loved Rowdy Roddy when he was rasselin.  The great thing about the movie is just how good an actor he was (better than Jesse the Body in Predator) and how strange he sounded cuz he was doing his lines in his normal voice.

As long as we’re doing remakes how about doing  a genre-bending remake: Slapshot Meets Aliens.

The fights are an even-money proposition once The Hanson Brothers foil up…

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