Trump Did Something In An Elevator!

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trump elevator tape

Have you heard the (fake) news? There’s supposedly a damning tape of Trump in an elevator that has the Mainstream Media all atwitter. Could the Trump elevator tape be the one thing that finally brings down the Trump administration?

Probably not. I’ll tell you why on today’s episode of Trigger Warning Radio.

Show Notes

  1. HuffPo article detailing a mysterious tape of Trump in an elevator.
    1. First reported by The Daily Beast in March.
    2. Supposedly an earth-shattering tape.
    3. Guess who the source is for much of it?
  2. Elevator tape is the very definition of fake news.
    1. HuffPo reporting as if it exists.
    2. Media working itself into a frenzy over this tape.
    3. Objectivity is completely gone.
  3. Proves journalism is dead.

I give you the writer of the HuffPo piece:

trump elevator tape huffpo
Yup, journalism is dead…

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