Three Year Old Boy Attacked With Acid in the UK

Criminal hands locked in handcuffs. Close-up view

The UK’s politicians won’t do anything about the crime wave they themselves caused, but boy howdy are they great at whining about Trump:

A three-year-old boy in a pushchair suffered serious burns to his face and arm after being hit with acid in a Worcester shop, police have said.

West Mercia Police believe the child was deliberately targeted in Home Bargains on Shrub Hill Retail Park at Tallow Hill yesterday afternoon.

They have released images of three men they would like to speak to.

The boy was taken to hospital, where he was treated for burns, but has now been released. He had been shopping with his mother when a substance was thrown or sprayed at him, police said.

A 39-year-old man from Wolverhampton has been arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm and remains in police custody.

Chief Superintendent Mark Travis said: ‘A young family were out shopping and a substance appears to either have been thrown or sprayed towards a three-year-old child who was in a pushchair.’

He added: ‘He has burns to his face and to one of his arms – at the moment we are uncertain about the long term implications of those burns but we do hope that these won’t be life-changing injuries.’


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