The Utah Outcasts Call Me A Liar, Then Disagree With Each Other About It

On July 16, I was logging into YouTube and I came across a video in my recommended feed titled Ken Ham Keeps Fudging Ark Attendance Numbers.  It was put out by the Utah Outcasts, which is an atheist podcast where 4 atheists sit around and bash God, The Bible, young earth creationism, Fox News, Donald Trump, and whatever else they want to talk about.  I left a comment on the video after watching it, and then I walked away and never thought about the Utah Outcasts again.


On the Morning of July 19, I woke up and was opening my YouTube app on my mobile device when I noticed that the first video in my feed had a picture of me as the thumbnail; it turned out that the Utah Outcasts decided to make a video about my comment, and they titled the video Young Earth Creationist Hates Ken Ham – Comments From Trolls #23.


I can honestly say that I’ve never seen a video as bizarre as the video that they put out in response to my comment.  It was so bizarre that I had to make a video response to their comment, which can be seen below:


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