Strzok by Self-Induced Lightning…Twice

Smug Strzok

Peter Strzok, the apparently designated martyr of the Deep State and the FBI, made a fatal error in his testimony before Congress. It is a very revealing lapse of logic (which often resembles being struck by self-induced lightning) that needs pointing out and hammering-on by all manner of pundits, patriots, and just plain old putrid-smelling Trump supporters at a WalMart somewhere in Virginia.

In his testimony, and supposedly in his defense, Strzok claimed that he didn’t recall texting his lover that “We’ll stop it,” in response to her query of “He’s not going to be President – right?! RIGHT?!”

And here comes the first lightning strike… Strzok averred that he didn’t recall writing the text, yet went on to explain the supposed context of said text. He did this sort of thing more than once during his testimony, which further illustrates the old dictum that when you go in planning to lie, you better get the truth straight first.

Here is where the unassailable beauty and power of logic shows itself. An analogy would be that one didn’t remember paying the huge bill for a fancy dinner but did remember what one dined on that particular evening. The analogy is so apt, that one can reverse its constituent parts and say that one didn’t remember what one dined on that evening, but did remember paying the gargantuan tab.

Strzok strikes me as not being too bright, and it is clearly evident that he didn’t realize that he had trapped himself in an open logic field with a long piece of copper in hand during a violent thunderstorm of his own making.

Anyone who has studied logic and liars knows that to catch one, one must go into details. It boggles the mind, however, that not one Congressman caught this simple tell on the part of Strzok: To claim to know what one meant by what one said but not remembering what one said is simply a logical impossibility. I hope that somebody in a position of real power in Congress reads these words and hammers away at Strzok for this.

Lightning “Strzok” once. Like the proverbial reliability of the sun rising and setting each day in the West, it most surely came a second time – with devastating force – in the person of Rep. Louis Gohmert of Texas who wondered whether Strzok lied to his wife with that same, smug, innocent look on his face while cheating on her with Lisa Paige. The same face, he mused, that he was now using with the same frequency in front of Congress under sworn testimony.

Oh, the immediate howls from the Democrats was a thing of beauty to behold, as circus-like as it was to all who watched. Yet it demonstrated, perfectly, the absolute absence of any moral compass the Democrats may have claimed to have possessed.

Marital infidelity is a moral abomination. But more to my point, it is a deadly serious matter for say, members of the armed forces who can be and are summarily discharged for such evil behavior. But an equally disturbing aspect of this is, of course, that when news gets around (as it always does) that a high-ranking member of the government is having an extra-marital affair, it opens that person up to blackmail.

It’s the oldest trick in the book for anyone seeking to leverage power over an individual: “Do what I say or I’ll expose you to your wife and everyone else.” The old honey-pot is what it is, and it works every time.

And so the Democrats screeched and howled, but it is exactly what we should expect from the party that said Bill Clinton’s extra-marital affair with an intern in the Oval Office was “a private affair and was nobody’s business.”

It’s OK to have an affair that breaks one of the Ten Commandments, but it’s also OK to murder children in the womb.

It’s perfectly fine to allow anyone to come freely over our southern border without vetting, be it trafficked humans, drug smugglers or sex slaves being later marketed, but it’s not OK to separate kids from the felonious adults accompanying them, often under nefarious schemes.

It’s OK to harass Republicans in public at restaurants and the like, but it’s beyond the pale to call someone out for an affair during a congressional hearing.

This is what we can and should expect from the Democrats. Their moral compasses would not even suffice to get them to the church on Sunday without being run over by a hearse carrying one of their recently deceased.

It’s amazing to me that more of these scum, like Strzok, aren’t struck by lightning more often.


Written by PeterMatthewDavid


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