Saturday Afternoon Open Thread: Folly Beach Memoirs

[Location: Restaurant Pier 101, Folly Beach, South Carolina…Pictured above: Fried Deviled Eggs]

Fossten: You’re going to like the Strawberry Sunrise. It’s frickin’ amazing.

NWC: Frickin’?

Fossten: Yeah you know, like laser beams on sharks’ heads.

[Ten minutes later]

NWC: Oooooohmigod.

Fossten: What?

NWC: The alcohol just hit me.  Ooooh man I don’t feel so good.  [wobbles in his chair]

[Fossten glances quickly at NWC’s cup, mentally calculates that about an inch of the drink is gone]

Fossten: You’ve had like three sips.

NWC: I told you I was a lightweight.  Ooooh man, the room is spinning.

Fossten: Really? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha… [Nurses the same drink, feels nothing]

[Fifteen minutes later]

Fossten: You realize I’m drinking the same thing as you, and I’m driving all the way back to Summerville.

NWC: Yeah, so?

Fossten: Maybe all the alcohol was at the bottom of the cup.

NWC: I don’t know, but man it hit me hard. The room is still spinning.

Fossten: Well, do you need to hold my arm as we go back to the car?

NWC: !$%%*@$&*@% YOU, also No I’m fine thanks.

Fossten: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…



Written by Fossten✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾᴵᴬᴺ♔

Strong advocate of Jeffersonian Democracy. Plays golf and video games. Resides in Charleston, South Carolina, where he will live out the rest of his days unless God picks him up bodily and puts him somewhere else.

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