Russia Drives Leftists Dangerously Insane

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russia leftists insane

I knew Leftists would react very badly to President Trump’s meeting with Vladimir Putin. After all, the Left has spent the last two years building Putin up to be the bogeyman who robbed Hillary of her shot at the presidency. Vladimir Putin is the ultimate supervillain in the eyes of the Left. The fact that President Trump would stoop to meeting with him is the ultimate sin in their minds.

I wasn’t prepared, however, for the sheer lunacy that followed.

I’ll tell you why the Left has become more dangerous than ever on today’s episode of Trigger Warning Radio.

Show Notes

  1. Left reacted poorly to Trump’s press conference with Putin.
    1. Multiple Leftist pundits & politicians accused Trump of treason.
      1. Joe Walsh
      2. John McCain called it pathetic.
      3. #Treason, #TraitorTrump, and #TreasonSummit trended on Twitter.
      4. John Brennan called for impeachment.
    2. Some rhetoric was even more dangerous.
      1. CNN called for a Deep State coup
      2. Democrat Representative Steve Cohen called for a military coup.
      3. Scott Dworkin called for a coup and for Hillary Clinton to be president.
      4. MSNBC contributor Jill Wine-Banks compared the summit to Pearl Harbor and Kristallnacht.
  2. The Left has become even more unhinged.
    1. Trump is no longer just a puppet or an illegitimate president.
    2. ‘Traitor’ will be applied to Trump’s supporters as well.
    3. Dangerous rhetoric will be used to justify anything and everything.
  3. We will see violence escalate.
    1. 2018 will be bad.
    2. 2020 will be even worse.
  4. First time I’ve been legitimately scared for President Trump
    1. Leftists are calling for war with Russia and civil war at home.
    2. We know the reason why.

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