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sam husseini fake news

Left-wing reporter Sam Husseini from the even more Left-wing magazine The Nation was removed from President Trump’s joint press conference with Vladimir Putin. Husseini made a conscious decision to become the news rather than simply reporting on it, and is exactly what “fake news” refers to.

How did journalism get to this point? I’ll unpack that for you on today’s episode of Trigger Warning Radio.

Show Notes

  1. Reporter Sam Husseini of The Nation was removed from the Trump/Putin press conference.
    1. Far-Left magazine, far-Left reporter
    2. Husseini brandished a sign saying “nuclear weapons ban treaty” and was removed
    3. Husseini heckled other reporters and was removed once before
    4. The Nation is “very concerned.” Billed as an attack on a free press.
  2. Husseini is a fake news reporter.
    1. Knew he wasn’t allowed to espouse a political opinion, did it anyway.
    2. Husseini became the story instead of reporting the story.
  3. Again, journalism is dead.
    1. Remember what I said last episode.
    2. Reporters are not content to simply report the news anymore.
    3. They have no idea what objectivity is.
    4. They don’t really care. See themselves as activists.

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