Polls Show Trump With Enough Black, Hispanic Support to Win Re-Election

I’ve long felt Trump was making inroads among minorities in spite of the all out effort by the media to intensify tribal divisions within the country. Some of the data seems to indicate this is happening:

Confidence that African Americans, Asians and Hispanics have in their personal finances improving over the next four years should be enough to help GOP leaders retain control of Congress in the midterm elections and reelect President Trump, according to a new survey.

While generally not fans of the president, the three key groups have a good feeling about their future and that should temper their concerns at the polls, said the survey from Zogby Analytics.

“Even though President Trump receives little support from these groups, things might be going just good enough economically that he can scrap enough support from these groups, so that Republicans can retain control of Congress and Trump gets re-elected in 2020,” said the Zogby Poll.

As with most elections, voters are most concerned about the national economy — and their own.

And Zogby found the same among African Americans. For example, among blacks, only 25 percent said the economy would do well the next four years. But when it came to their personal situation, 46 percent said their finances would be better.

As I’ve said in the past, the Democrats’ fixation on social justice, transgender bathrooms, and “saving the planet” while completely ignoring bread and butter governance issues like fixing potholes and putting people to work are ruining them as a national party. Once long ago, even if their programs didn’t work, the Democrats at least pretended to care about the economy.

Now they’re just a theocratic party, hardly any different from the Ayatollahs of Iran, obsessed with “moral” issues while the economy rots and the people struggle.


Written by Doomberg

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