Orlando Is Officially A Sanctuary City

orlando sanctuary city

Orlando, Florida, the City Beautiful has become the first Southern city to adopt the Trust Act. The Trust Act restricts law enforcement from asking or even discussing the immigration status of Orlando residents.

The Orlando city council says the Trust Act does not turn the city into a sanctuary city.

I’ll tell you why they’re wrong on the next episode of Trigger Warning Radio.

Show Notes

  1. Orlando, FL adopted the Trust Act Monday afternoon.
    1. First Southern city to do so.
    2. What does the Trust Act do?
      1. Ordinance solidifies an unofficial city policy.
      2. Also allows for a U-Visa for people who help during criminal investigations.
    3. Mayor Buddy Dyer says Orlando is not protecting people who commit crimes.
    4. 36 social justice groups lobbied since November
  2. Local media supports this ordinance.
    1. Billing it as protecting law-abiding citizens.
  3. City officials say Orlando isn’t a sanctuary city.
    1. Trust Act does offer sanctuary to illegal immigrants.
  4. Trust Act being billed as a humane policy.
    1. Encourages illegal immigration.
      1. Illegal immigrants routinely victimized.
    2. Just a short hop to full blown sanctuary city status.

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