#Never Trump: Deport the Deplorables!

A tisket, a tasket, we’re all in the basket – of Deplorables that is.

And the Smarter People want us to know they prefer illegal immigrants to working class folks of paler shades and hues.

VDH breaks it down over at American Greatness blog:

targeted contempt for the white working classes more recently has been voiced by pundits of the NeverTrump right. They apparently blamed the deplorables for hijacking their Republican Party, empowering an uncouth Trump, and voicing adamant opposition to illegal immigration.

Soon the furor fueled the weird trope that illegal aliens were preferable to citizen Trump supporters. Indeed, it became surreal how often illegal immigrants (almost always deliberately conflated with legal immigrants) were praised as preferable to U.S. citizens.

David Brooks, in a January 2018 New York Times column, saw rural Trump country as the equivalent of a dysfunctional East Germany following unification. Brooks had almost nothing good to say about the rural white population

Max Boot want’s to show us shoe-leather in the hinder:

As NeverTrump furor grew in 2018, this idea of ridding America of Trump supporters and replacing them with supposedly better immigrants (again, their legal status by design is never indicated) grew more overt and explicit. Max Boot, for example, recently dreamed that the United States might deport citizen Republican Trump supporters and replace them with Latin American “newcomers” of uncertain legal status: “If only we could keep the hard-working Latin American newcomers and deport the contemptible Republican cowards—that would truly enhance America’s greatness.”

The wrap:

The elite notion of a “citizen of the world” plays a role as well. Coastal culture promotes the idea of a global elite sharing roughly similar enlightened values, most of them antithetical to those of their fellow Americans of the lower classes and of the interior. A Manhattanite or Silicon Valley winner apparently feels more empathy with counterpart foreign nationals than with fellow American citizens.

Finally, nothing better illustrates the isolation of the elite than its romance for the illegal immigrant and corresponding disdain for the red-state American. To the degree that our coastal class knows illegal aliens first-hand, it may be largely through the hiring of inexpensive nannies, housekeepers, landscapers, and cooks, but not through neighborhood get-togethers, shared schools with their children, or as co-workers. Similarly, if they know the citizen working classes, it is largely as either through televised caricatures or an occasional and cursory safari drive through rural America.

As usual Hanson’s whole piece is spot on.

Give it a click.

Bruno Strozek

Written by Bruno Strozek

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