Maxine Waters: God Told Me To Destroy Trump!

maxine waters god destroy trump

Maxine Waters has embarked upon a holy crusade to destroy President Donald J. Trump despite the fact that he’s on the fast track to becoming the greatest president since Ronald Reagan.

Originally we thought that Maxine’s animus for Trump was simply due to the fact that she was an insane Leftist. It turns out, though, that Maxine Waters is carrying out the orders of a higher authority.

I’ll tell you who on today’s episode of Trigger Warning Radio.

Show Notes

  1. Maxine Waters spoke at First AME Church in Los Angeles.
    1. Ranted and raved against Trump and the Trump administration.
  2. Play clip of the end of Maxine Waters’ speech.
  3. Flashback to Maxine Waters urging violence from supporters.
    1. Not the first time she’s encouraged supporters like this.
  4. Is the violence and harassment of Trump administration officials and supporters God’s work?
  5. When will some crazed Leftist take Maxine’s words to heart?

You can view “Auntie” Maxine’s full speech here.

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