Macron Forced to Deny His Bodyguard is His Gay Lover

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This is one of the best headlines of 2018, as far as I am concerned:

French President Emmanuel Macron has been forced to deny his disgraced ex-bodyguard was his gay lover and giving him the country’s nuclear codes.

Alexandre Benalla was sacked last week after video footage showed him hitting a male May Day protester and dragging away a woman while he was off duty and wearing a riot helmet and police tags.

He is not a serving police officer and detectives are now investigating how he came into possession of official equipment.

The scandal has gripped France, with police even raiding Macron’s official Elysee Palace as they investigate Benalla’s actions.

Now Macron has issued an extraordinary denial that ex-police reservist Benalla was his lover – or that he had given him the nuclear codes.

Opposition lawmakers have launched a united offensive against Macron, 40, saying his handling of the case shows he has lost touch with ordinary people since taking office 14 months ago.

Benalla is now the target of a judicial investigation and there are also probes under way in the upper and lower houses of parliament into how Macron’s office dealt with the incident.


Written by Doomberg

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