Leftist Violently Assaults Republican Shiva Ayyadurai

Republican Shiva Ayyadurai is running against Elizabeth Warren for her Massachusetts Senate seat. Ayyadurai-an immigrant from Bombay, India-has billed himself as the only real Indian who can defeat the fake Indian. Last Friday Ayyadurai found himself on the receiving end of some outrageously violent outrage from one of Warren’s unhinged supporters.

I’ve got the video of Shiva Ayyadurai’s violent encounter. I’ll also be discussing what this means for the political discourse going forward on today’s episode of Trigger Warning Radio.

Show Notes

  1. Shiva Ayyadurai is running against Elizabeth Warren.
    1. The real Indian against the fake Indian.
  2. Tape of Ayyadurai being assaulted.
  3. The Aftermath.
    1. Man who assaulted Ayyadurai was let back into Warren’s town hall.
    2. Charges were filed. Court date was Monday.
    3. Ayyadurai suffered injuries.
      1. Busted lip.
      2. Chipped teeth.
      3. Trauma to one tooth.
      4. Chris Cuomo refused to report on it.
  4. Assault showcases the ridiculous insanity of the Left.
  5. What happens when the violence escalates?

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