History is Today

[Written by AJsDaddie]

Have you ever wondered whether people living in the most historic times actually knew that they were doing so?  Did Pontius Pilate really know he was in the midst of something so much larger than he was?  More to the point, did the people around him, the masses on both sides of that fateful decision, realize the import?

Did the soldiers in the Revolutionary war really know what they were creating? Did the people living day to day in the Colonies appreciate that they were part of the grandest experiment in human self-governance?  Did the brothers who fought so terribly on opposite sides in the Civil War really know the monumental injustice that they were battling over, or were they just fighting each other?

I think it’s hard to recognize grand moments in history as they unfold. Some have that awareness.  Oppenheimer knew.  “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.” But most times I think people are just too busy living to realize they’re making history until the has passed them by.  Only in retrospect do we really comprehend the magnitude of the moment.

I believe we are in one of those times. This is not just a time of significance like Kitty Hawk or Kent State, but truly a pivotal period in human history.  We’re in the midst of what has been a great diminishment of the human spirit by thousands of cuts, from socialism to fascism, from theocracy to oligarchy.  Compare Iran of the 70s to Iran of today.  Look at the streets of San Francisco or the boulevards of Paris.  Examine the casual coarseness of the common discourse.  See how Disney has gone from Magic Kingdom to purveyor of teen pornography.

Politicians look at us with a straight face tell us that unfettered illegal aliens will benefit us, with the mass media as propagandists instead of watchdogs. Unelected Congressional minions write behemoth bills at the behest of corporate lobbyists, bills that even the least political among us realize are designed only to transfer wealth from people to corporations.  The leaders of the world are obviously controlled by powers behind the thrones, either beholden to the money or blackmailed by their indiscretions.  They no longer serve anyone but their globalist masters.

And then came Trump.

Donald Trump is no angel.  He’s hardly a hero in the traditional sense of the word.  What he is, though, is an embodiment of everything that is American: rough-hewn, tough-spoken, unafraid, unabashed and unapologetic.  He’s a lightning rod for those things that We the People see being taken away: our freedoms, our liberties, our ability to make our own way in this world.  Our right to be responsible for ourselves, however that may turn out.  Donald Trump refuses to apologize for America.

And it’s affecting everyone in the world. Once again, we have the chance to be that shining beacon that we have always been.  If we can right this gargantuan ship of state, even though we’ve gone this far towards the abyss of multi-cultural politically correct corporate-run nanny statism, then maybe we can provide the impetus for others.  It’s already happening, in Iran, in Korea, in Germany, in Malta, in Denmark.  The countries of Eastern Europe are fighting as they always have against the great dictators.

I believe we are in one of the greatest turning points of history. I believe America will succeed or fail with this generation, and the one immediately following.  Reagan was entirely correct that freedom is but one generation away from extinction.  They will write about this time in the history books.  It is up to each and every one of us to decide, this very day, whether those books will say we kept the flame burning or let it be extinguished.

Freedom is in danger on our watch. Trump gave us the opportunity.  Now we see if we can seize it.

History is today.


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