GROSS: Video Shows Rat Crawling on Pastries in Baltimore Bakery

Apparently Baltimore’s rats have a sweet tooth:

DefaultRat found in Lexington Market bakery.

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A rat made its way through a bakery at Baltimore’s Lexington Market on Thursday. It voluntarily shut down Friday while workers cleaned up the area. The health department is investigating.

Cellphone video captured Thursday by Milton Mitchell showed the rat inside one of the display stands. The general manager said a worker may have left the door open.

Some were surprised to find the Lexington Market closed Friday, including one family visiting Baltimore from California.

“We’re stopping here today to have your famous crab cakes at the Lexington Market, but apparently we’re not have crab cakes at the Lexington Market,” David Bronson said. “We’ve seen it online a couple of shows. We wanted stop by and heard it’s the best, so we loaded up our kids and when we got to the door, it was closed.”

A spokesperson from Lexington Market said this is an unfortunate situation and that a pest control company services the entire market twice per week. The cleaning service came out for the incident.


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