Despite the Media Hysteria, Nobody Cares About Russia

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Breitbart posted some poll numbers today on Russia that, at first glance, seem rather concerning:

Republicans overwhelmingly approved of President Donald Trump’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin — even though many congressional Republicans publicly criticized the president.

A new CBS poll shows that 68 percent of Republicans approved of how Trump handled the meeting, while only 21 percent did not. Eleven percent said they did not know or preferred not to answer.

Democrats were more united against Trump, as 83 percent signaled dissatisfaction with the summit. Only eight percent of Democrats approved.

A majority of independents, 53 percent, also opposed Trump’s handling of the meeting, while only 29 approved. Eighteen percent of independents did not know or preferred not to answer.

While Breitbart has a positive spin on these numbers, it’s somewhat concerning that independents disapproved of it so strongly, and I’d expect Republican support for most Trump policies to be closer to 80%+, too. Maybe the summit was a mistake after all?

Well, not really:

The bottom line is the Russia panic is a manufactured issue that most Americans just don’t care that much about. The Democrats are running almost completely on non-issues like transgender bathrooms, “Saving the Planet,” and social justice.

The American voter wants to know how the government will help them get a wage hike and fix the potholes in their streets. They don’t care about whatever fashionable cause du jour fabulously rich liberals, completely insulated from real world problems, dream up on a given day.


Written by Doomberg

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