Death by Three Hundred and Fifty Million Cuts

Much has been said, of late, that there are 25,000 sealed indictments out there – that the Clintons, Podesta, Obama, Lynch and all of the other monkeys, are going to face justice soon and be spirited off to Guantanamo, to be placed in a cell alongside jihadis and ultimately, face a military tribunal and be convicted of treason, or sedition, or some such nonsense.

Let me tell you right now – that will NEVER happen. I will remind you all of this, a couple of years down the road, that I was correct. And believe me – I will do it, and I expect all of you, “Trump is playing 4D Chess” whackos to acknowledge that I was correct. I won’t hold my breath though.

Why? Why am I so sure that nothing – absolutely nothing – will be done to the Clintons and Lynch and Brennan and Obama and all of the other assholes who nearly wrecked our country, and may very well succeed?

The answer is very simple:


Yes, as any decent teacher knows, when there is a problem in the classroom, throw paper at the students – keep ‘em busy. When you are the DOJ or the FBI under scrutiny by Congress for nefarious schemes, “Throw paper at ‘em – but not all at once.”

It’s really very transparent, and Nunes and Gowdy and the rest are all playing right into the hands of the weasels. “I demand those documents!”

Documents are either not forthcoming or the slow-walk ensues.

“It’s classified”, say the monkeys in the FBI and the DOJ, right on cue.

“But I demand them NOW!” say Gowdy and Nunes.

The thing is, Gowdy and the rest are stupid. They are playing right into the hands of the monkeys. They are asking for more paper, which is exactly what the Deep State wants. The DS simply goes at their own pace, knowing that making paper documents, analyzing them, then “submitting them for clarification”, then copying them, then producing them according to some, other dictum (on paper) from some oversight committee means more time.

More time = more paper and more paper = more time.

Paper = time and time = paper.

It’s as simple as that. The astute reader will note the supreme irony in all of this – that in a country – a civilization, in fact – that is blessed with the internet and nearly instantaneous production of and transmission of information (read: paper) our governmental agencies are completely awash in and consumed by the very thing the internet was supposed to do away with:


This is no mistake. This is no mere oversight. This is all by design and it is supremely stupid, and in the long run, someone else will figure this out. But it will take a few decades, because, as far as I have been able to determine, no one else has seen what I see. Genius is in rare supply these days.
Mark my words – Clinton will not be in front of a Grand Jury. Podesta, Lynch, Strok, Wray, Comey, Brennan, Clapper and all the rest will not spend one day in jail.
Nothing will happen.
In six months, I expect my readers at Sparta to acknowledge my prediction. Why?
Paper. Death by 350,000,000 cuts will be the end of us.
How ironic.


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