Andrew Cuomo Threatens to Sue SCOTUS

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New York governor Andrew Cuomo has done the unthinkable and threatened to sue the Supreme Court of the United States of America if and when they roll back the controversial Roe v. Wade decision. Cuomo made this bizarre threat during a speech Wednesday to a crowd of baying, clapping progressives.

But is it even possible to sue SCOTUS?

Spoiler alert: no it isn’t. Why threaten a lawsuit then?

I’l tell you why on today’s episode of Trigger Warning Radio.

Show Notes

  1. NY governor Andrew Cuomo threatened to sue Wednesday if SCOTUS rolls back Roe v. Wade.
  2. Clip of Cuomo’s speech.
  3. That’s not how this works.
    1. Judges cannot be sued.
    2. SCOTUS is made up of nothing but judges.
    3. Who the hell would Cuomo appeal to?
  4. Trump Derangement Syndrome has made Leftists stupid(er).
    1. Cuomo was a district attorney, he should know better.
    2. The audience applauds as if this could happen.
    3. Two possibilities.
      1. Andrew Cuomo is lying to his audience.
      2. He really is that stupid.

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