Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is The Overly Attached Girlfriend

Judge for yourself…

New York Democrat candidate and avowed Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has a very distinct look about her. There’s just something strange yet oddly unique about her. As I gazed into Ocasio-Cortez’s crazed expression and dead eyes I realized where I had seen that look before.

alexandria ocasio cortez girlfriend
The stuff of Internet nightmares…

That’s right. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Overly Attached Girlfriend of Internet infamy look very similar. The same crazed look to the eyes. The same exact smile. The two of them even have the exact same head-tilt going on. Truthfully the only difference between the two seems to be one woman has a successful, lucrative YouTube account, and the other would like to take the fruits of said YouTube account and give it to illegal immigrants who just swam across the Rio Grande.

I’m not saying Ocasio-Cortez and the Overly Attached Girlfriend are switched at birth, but you should probably take a look at this video I made when I had just a little too much time on my hands.

Judge for yourself, and never leave me unsupervised again:


Written by Radius

Radius refuses to post a bio. Website bios simply serve to prop up the cis-gendered patriarchy of the manocentric maleocracy. Also we must #Resist Trump because racism I guess.

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