Yes, Candace, there really is a GOPe

And it has nothing to do with Santa Claus!

Dear Candace,

I really felt for you and Charlie when I saw your tweet:

Candace Owens on Twitter

A @yaf spokesperson has confirmed the authenticity of the memo, dated 5/25/18. According to them, Charlie Kirk is somehow unworthy of his status because he does not have a college degree. I am truly speechless.

I’ve never heard of the YAF until this moment. Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) was founded on September 11, 1960 at the home of William F. Buckley Jr. Since I don’t know a thing about them, even though they’ve been around a very long time, I don’t want to comment on the organization directly although I notice that they have some $37 million in revenue. I’m sure they do a lot of good work.

What I wanted to talk with you about, Candace, is that there really is a GOPe (Establishment GOP) who believe that Donald Trump will be gone soon enough and things will return to normal. They’re not necessarily “Never Trumpers” but they are the people who see the GOP as a career and not a calling.

I really enjoyed hearing you at the Western Conservative Conference. However, what you couldn’t see were all the people who saw you and Charlie as a diversion to the norm and as people who can harm their fundraising efforts.

What I didn’t realize until I went to my first Western Conservative Conference last year is how much money there is in being a conservative. There is an entire system of various non-profits whose whole raison d’être is to gather donations and produce information for the GOPe. These people have known each other for years and years. Their goal is to advance up the ranks of the non-profits and then potentially into elected office.

A few months ago I happened to get an email inviting me attend an online seminar on debating from a conservative think tank. I thought it would be fun so I attended.

What I realized was that the only interest the think tank had was on winning debates. We’re really good as conservatives at winning debates —

  • “Life begins at conception.” BOOM! We win.
  • “Environmental concerns will be solved by the free market.” BOOM! We win.
  • “If someone is in the country illegally, they need to go.” BOOM! We win.
  • “The police are simply doing their jobs and Black Lives Matter should look to their own communities for solutions.” BOOM! We win.
  • “The 2nd Amendment is clear and any infringement on gun rights is unconstitutional.” BOOM! We win.

But here’s thing — we don’t win. All that happens is that the rest of the country says “all you conservatives go sit in the corner and talk among yourselves while the rest of us try to figure out what to do.”

This is fine with the GOPe! The GOPe and all of the associated non-profits rake in cash to “defend the conservative position.”

And then came Donald Trump who said “limited government along with free market principles can allow us to come together as a country to solve problems.” He also made it clear that how limited the government was and the exact nature of the free market principles were all open to negotiation. And, dare I say, some of our “principles” may need to bend just a tad.

One of two things will happen —

  1. The MAGA movement, led by the vibrancy of conservative youth, will develop to supplant the GOPe and there will be a rebirth of the Republican Party or . . .
  2. After the Trump presidency is over, the GOPe will be able to squash the voices of the MAGA movement and the status quo will be restored.

Make no mistake — the GOPe has much to risk and will fight tooth and nail to retain its power, its cash, and its system of growing good Republicans to gain power, bring in cash, to grow more good Republicans. Over and over and over and over again.

I applaud your work and your spirit.

Educate and inform the whole mass of the people… They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.  Thomas Jefferson

Mark Rosneck

Written by Mark Rosneck

Site owner and bilagáana


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