Why does the Minnesota DFL Hate Hockey?

The DFL’s hold on the “Franken Seat” is skating on thin ice now that the GOP has had the good sense to nominate Trumpian & hockey mama State Senator Karen Housley to run against uber-lib placeholder Tina Smith.

Minnesota is the State of Hockey.

Karen Housely’s husband is Phil Housley, a genuine hockey superstar,  a member of the US Hockey Hall of Fame,  played and coaches in the NHL and was born and bred in Minny.

There is no way the DFL can run a smear campaign against her.

It would be a Fool’s Errand to try – which means it’s a certainty.  But it won’t work.

Think of Karen Housley as the Gopher State’s Sarah Palin before being ruined by McCain.

Powerline blog grand poobah John Hinderaker thinks there is a red tide lapping on 10,000 shorelines:

Talk of a “blue wave” has receded as the GOP has drawn more or less even on the generic preference poll, and Republican voter enthusiasm has continued to mount. For what it’s worth, here in Minnesota I think we will see a red tide. Republicans will almost certainly score a pickup in the state’s 8th Congressional district (the northeastern part of the state), and probably will also pick up the 1st, the state’s southernmost district.

Then there are the Senate races. Minnesota is in the flukish position of having both its Senate seats up, as a result of Al Franken’s resignation. Amy Klobuchar is not in serious danger, but Franken’s former seat gives Republicans a good chance for a pickup. Tina Smith, appointed by Governor Mark Dayton to fill the position until the next general election, is the DFL nominee. The Republican nominee will be Karin Housley, until now a relatively little-known member of the Minnesota Senate.

Smith has a long history as a DFL staffer and campaign manager. She also exemplifies the urban uber-liberal reality of today’s Democratic Party. A former senior executive with Planned Parenthood, she has little appeal outside the Twin Cities.

Then there is Karin Housley. In her relatively brief political career, Housley has shown an ability to draw support from people who are not regular Republican voters.

And Trump is doing a rally in Duluth on Wednesday.

They had to get a bigger venue because the demand for tix is so high.

Oh yeah…

Bruno Strozek

Written by Bruno Strozek

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