I don’t Tweet so this may sound silly. But I think Twitter saved America.

Before Twitter came along the liberals enjoyed two structural advantages over conservatives.

First they controlled the media. They decided what was reported and how it was reported. They gave a microphone to any liberal pushing their cause and on those rare occasions when they wanted to appear “fair and balanced” they’d seek out the bluest of the RINOS. The true conservative messages were lost. It was hard to advocate for life or sovereignty when the media was pushing choice and immigrant rights with the support of bipartisan Republicans.

Secondly liberals had paid “community organizers” that could call on a vast number of low information, unemployed basement dwellers. Since they had no jobs they had time to organize and protest. For many it was their entire social life. Conservatives on the other hand held down jobs and provided for their families. Who had time to take to the streets when you had two jobs and a child with homework? So the conservative viewpoints were never seen or heard.

Any conservative running for office had to overcome these obstacles and often fell short. So, inch by inch, America was being pushed towards the left.

Then along came Twitter.

Suddenly anyone could provide information to everyone. The MSM could no longer control the message and have quickly become “fake news”. Conservatives could exchange information and ideas instantly with likeminded people and without a media filter. And best of all, it made communicating with our elected officials simple and provides them with instant feedback.

Donald J. Trump recognized the power of Twitter and used it like a scalpel when he ran for office. Those that call for him discontinue Tweeting recognize this power as well. In the future, anyone running for office will need to master this medium just as candidates had to adjust to television.



Written by Deadeye

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