Trump Walks Bigly And Carries A Biglier Stick

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President Trump’s historic summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is back on after a fair amount of drama as to whether or not it would actually take place. Despite the back and forth threats and the tweets that caused Leftists to clutch their pearls almost constantly the Korean Peninsula is closer than it has ever been to true peace.

Trump’s foreign policy of walking bigly and carrying an even biglier stick seems to be working:

Show Notes

  1. Trump’s summit with Kim Jong Un is back on.
    1. Two leaders set to meet in Singapore on June 12.
    2. Leftists crowed about how it wouldn’t happen…but it did.
  2. Recap of the history of the North Korea situation.
    1. Three presidents did nothing.
    2. Clinton promised no nukes in North Korea. He lied.
    3. War of words and tweets between Trump and Kim.
    4. Suddenly the tone shifts.
    5. Closer to peace now than ever before.
  3. Leftists hate that Trump could bring peace to the Korean peninsula
    1. Leftists & NeverTrump rage against Trump’s foreign policy.
    2. Walk bigly, carry a biglier stick worked.
    3. Leftists would prefer we do nothing & continue kicking the can down the road.

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