Trump Meets North Korea’s Dictator in Singapore – Kim Agrees to Completely Denuclearize

Trump Meets Kim Jong-un

While President Donald Trump was meeting with the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un in Singapore, the media was having a field day with the event. The US media has been sniping the president and his administration non-stop over the summit, providing the latest in a long string of examples for Republicans to never try to win media approval, as they will never earn it.

My message to Republicans: The media is nearly 100% Democrat, they will never be on your side. Stop acting as if they matter at all in your thinking processes because they should not. Treat them exactly like President Donald Trump has treated them. Treat them like petulant children.

President Trump secured a mutually signed broad agreement with Kim Jong-un to completely denuclearize:

President Donald Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un concluded an extraordinary nuclear summit Tuesday by signing a document in which Trump pledged “security guarantees” to the North and Kim reiterated his commitment to “complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.” The leaders also offered lofty promises, with the American president pledged to handle a “very dangerous problem” and Kim forecasting “major change for the world.”

Trump Meets Kim Jong-un in Singapore

The markets are all going up, the dollar is strengthening, and the alternative currencies and gold are falling. Enjoy the media tears.

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Liberals right now #TrumpKimSummit


And their liberal fans:

Remember Republicans, the media/Left is full of haters and losers:

Also remember what haters and losers actually are, thankfully Trump gets it:


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