Trump has Narrowed his Supreme Court List Down to 2 Names

Kennedy retires, Trump names new supreme court justice

In my humble opinion, the most conservative one he can find and the younger the better. The Daily Mail lists the highlights of the current situation facing the country and President Trump:

  • President is under pressure from conservatives to pick a reliably right-wing Supreme Court justice who would vote to overturn abortion rights
  • Anthony Kennedy’s retirement gives Trump his second pick in two years
  • He said Friday that he doesn’t plan to ask candidates about the Roe v. Wade case
  • Anti-abortion leader says that’s reasonable ‘because they won’t answer him’
  • Trump told reporters aboard Air Force One that his list of 25 has been winnowed down to just 5, including 2 women
  • He promised a July 9 announcement of his choice and said he might be interviewing candidates this weekend at his New Jersey golf resort
  • Trump is likely to pick a young jurist who can shape the high court and push it to the right for a quarter-century

If he picks someone in their forties, they will likely sit on the court for decades. This is especially true if this pick is a woman.

Donald Trump said Friday that he has narrowed his list of potential Supreme Court nominees to just a handful of candidates including two women. But he’s not about to ask them about their leanings on abortion.

‘I’ve got it narrowed to about five,’ he told reporters aboard Air Force One, adding a promise to make his final choice public on July 9.

‘I’ll be anouncing it the Monday after the Fourth of July,’ Trump said. ‘I like them all.’

‘We’ve got great people … It is a group of highly talented, very brilliant, mostly conservative judges,’ the president said, without tipping his hand by dropping any names.

‘Outside of war and peace, of course, the most important decision you make is the selection of a Supreme Court judge, if you get it,’ he told the reporters. ‘As you know, there are many presidents who never get a choice.’

Trump added that that he could interview one or two finalists this weekend at his golf resort in Bedminster, New Jersey. ‘It is exciting,’ he said.

The president is mostly interested in appointing someone young, according to a White House aide, so the new conservative justice can shape the court for at least a quarter-century.

One high court hopeful, Utah Republican Senator Mike Lee, seemed to stand out as an anomaly for making a public show of his ambitions.

‘I actually saw him on television last night, where he said he would love the job. You know, usually, they don’t say that,’ the president noted.

He called Lee, who has been the beneficiary of on-air lobbying by fellow conservative senator Ted Cruz of Texas, ‘an outstanding talent.’

Trump had said earlier in the day that he doesn’t plan to ask potential high court justices whether they would favor overturning Roe v. Wade, the 1973 decision that legalized abortion.

‘That’s a big one, and probably not. They’re all saying, “Don’t do that,” “You don’t do that,” “You shouldn’t do that”,’ he told the Fox Business Network in an interview airing Sunday.

‘I don’t think I’m going to be so specific,’ Trump told host Maria Bartiromo.

On Air Force One, he was more definitive: ‘That’s not a question I’ll be asking them.’

Marjorie Dannenfelser, who leads the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List, told that the president’s position is reasonable.

‘I don’t blame him for not asking because they won’t answer him,’ she said, pointing to the typical response of a judicial nominee when asked how he or she would rule on a given issue.

Supreme Court justices, especially, are expected to allow court precedents and the U.S. Constitution to guide their decision-making, and seldom respond to hypothetical scenarios.

Trump’s 2017 nominee, Neil Gorsuch, has been reliably conservative. He sided with a 5-4 majority this week in a ruling that crisis pregnancy centers can’t be forced to promote state-sponsored abortion services to their clients.

‘I’m very proud of Neil Gorsuch. He has been outstanding,’ the president said.

Trump has previously vowed to nominate ‘pro-life’ justices. He is expected to personally interview a handful of finalists chosen from a list of 25 candidates.

‘I’m putting conservative people on,’ he insisted, without spelling out any litmus tests he might apply.

Dannenfelser said Friday that she trusts the judgment the short-list represents.

‘We believe everyone on this list is a constitutionalist and therefore would help start changing abortion law in a reasonable direction,’ she said.

Just say no to Mike Lee though, Mr President.


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