Supporters to hold vigil for Reality Winner, accused NSA leaker, on anniversary of her arrest

reality winner

Relatives of Reality Winner, an Air Force veteran charged with leaking classified National Security Agency material, plan to hold a candlelight vigil Sunday exactly one year after she was taken into custody.

Supporters of Ms. Winner, 26, are expected to commemorate the anniversary of her June 3 arrest outside the Lincolnton County Jail in Lincolnton, Georgia, north of Augusta, where she remains in detention awaiting trial.

“I would invite everyone to come together to support my daughter Reality
 on this one-year anniversary of her arrest and jailing,” said Billie Winner Davis, Ms. Winner’s mother. “I do not want
 the world to forget her,” she said in a statement.

Ms. Winner was arrested at her home in Augusta within days of allegedly illegally leaking a classified intelligence document to an online news site, according to prosecutors.

Specifics concerning her case are redacted in court files, but subsequent reporting suggests Ms. Winner is suspected of being the source behind a document published by The Intercept last May detailing the role of Russian hackers during the 2016 U.S. presidential race.


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