Soros is Depressed, Says, “Everything… Has Gone Wrong”

It’s been obvious to me since the election of Obama that the left had thought we’d reached the “end of history” with conservatism and nationalism destined to wither away on the fine.

The problem the far left is that they have overreached considerably, and failed to deliver on their promises of prosperity for all as they increasingly run out of other peoples’ money. Meanwhile, their social policy is increasingly causing displacement as more and more people feel like they don’t fit into the society the left is trying to create. Would YOU want to live in places like California, or Baltimore, or Detroit, or Chicago?

All of this has produced a huge backlash against the far left. We first started to see in the US with movements like the Tea Party movement, and it has only grown since then. Nowhere is this more evident than in an interview with George Soros, where he expresses mixed frustration and depression over things not going according to plan:

Liberal billionaire George Soros blamed the Trump administration for the current woes in society, adding that ‘everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong.’

The 87-year-old, who frequently donates to the Clintons, did not mince his words and accused the President of being ‘willing to destroy the world.’

‘The bigger the danger, the bigger the threat, the more I feel engaged to confront it,’ Soros said Thursday in an interview with The Washington Post.

Soros is still in shock that Trump won the election, something he didn’t see happening.

‘Apparently, I was living in my own bubble,’ he said.

Soros plans to spend roughly $15million in the 2018 elections but has already faced some rejections as several of his bids for district attorneys in California lost their elections on Tuesday.

‘We ran into a brick wall in California,’ he added.

The fact that Trump is being blamed shows the left still doesn’t get it. If it wasn’t Trump it’d be some other nationalist leader. The truth is there’s a massive rebellion brewing among the Western democracies.


Written by Doomberg

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