Soros Effort to Win CA DA Races Falls Flat

George Soros Davos

Soros’ efforts to drag California even further to the left have failed pretty dramatically:

Three George Soros-backed district attorney candidates lost in California’s Sacramento, San Diego, and Alameda counties after Tuesday’s midterm elections.

Soros and several donors, such as the American Civil Liberties Union, put millions of dollars into four California district attorney races in hopes of electing criminal justice reform-minded judges.

The judges running against Soros’s candidates won by comfortable margins. Conservative Sacramento incumbent Anne Marie Schubert won, getting 64 percent of the vote in Sacramento. Incumbent Republican Summer Stephan in San Diego County received roughly two thirds of her district’s votes. Alameda County incumbent District Attorney Nancy O’Malley also won her race at 60 percent.

Since 2014, Soros spent more than $2.7 million in district attorney races in California alone. This has helped more liberal candidates catch up to their conservative counterparts dollar-wise, with more conservative judges often getting money from businesses and police groups.

The blue wave seems to be turning into a blue puddle.


Written by Doomberg

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