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Season Two of Fauda is an outstanding action series

Fauda means “chaos” in Arabic.

Fauda, the Israeli mini-series currently running it’s second season on Netflix, should also mean “gritty” in English, because if there is one word to describe this tense, action-packed version of Jack Bauer & 24 on matzo, lox & bagels that would be it.

Set in contemporary Tel Aviv and the surrounding Palestinian territories Fauda follows the exploits of an under-cover unit of Israeli terrorist hunters traversing the barren confines of West Bank settlements in the claustrophobic squalor of what can only be described as a “third world shithole”.

Thank you Yassir Arafat.

This season’s twelve episode offering in eminently binge-able. It is a tale of the personal as the political with clan revenge, historical hatreds and a heaping helping of ISIS trying to out-do the thugs of Hamas in the random murder department.

The protagonist is the likable and lethal Doron, a bunking, balding, bear of a man who has a bad habit of constantly stepping in it both on missions into the Occupied Territories and in his personal relationships.

Tautly paced, tightly edited and shot so you feel like you are inhaling the desert dust Fauda makes for a damn good summer-time binge watch.


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