Rosenstein Refuses to Answer Because of “Classified Information”…Classified Why?

We are sick and tired of the DOJ giving Congress the runaround. As a separate branch of government, we have a right to get information. – Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) reports that

In response to two specific questions–did the Department of Justice or the FBI spy on the Trump campaign, and did anyone in the Obama administration direct confidential informants to make contact with the campaign–Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein told the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday he was “not permitted to discuss any classified information.” 

“Let me ask you this,” Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) asked Rosenstein.

“What did the DOJ or FBI do in terms of collecting information, spying or surveillance on the Trump campaign, be it via (FBI informant) Stefan Halper, or anybody else working on behalf of the agencies?” DeSantis asked Rosenstein.

“As you know, Congressman, I’m not permitted to discuss any classified information in an open setting, but I can assure you, we’re working with oversight committees and we’re producing all relevant evidence to allow them to answer this question,” Rosenstein replied. 

DeSantis again: “Let me ask you this then: Did the Obama administration, anybody in the administration, direct anybody — Halper or anybody else — to make contact with anyone associated with the Trump campaign?

“As I said Congressman, I appreciate, obviously, the — I understand your interest, but I’m not permitted to discuss classified information,” Rosenstein said again. 

“Well, we want the documents, and I know we’re in a back and forth on that,” DeSantis said. “But the American people need to know, were the counterintelligence powers of the Obama administration unleashed against Trump’s campaign — if that was done, was it done inappropriate?”

 Strzok text message: ‘We’ll stop it’

One of the most incriminating text messages sent by FBI agent Peter Strzok to his lover Lisa Page was not made public until the Justice Department’s inspector general released his report on June 14.

But Rosenstein told the committee, “I want to assure you and the American people, we’re not withholding anything embarrassing.”

The FBI did not find the message, but the inspector general did, Rep. DeSantis noted.

“And so we’re asking you to produce stuff, and obviously we’re expecting a good faith effort,” DeSantis told Rosenstein. “You guys didn’t find it, and maybe someone else deleted it or something happened before you guys, but he was able to find it, you didn’t. So it was very disappointing to see that text message there.”

The text message was a response to FBI attorney Lisa Page, who wanted reassurance that Trump would never become president. Strzok replied, “No. No, he’s not. We’ll stop it.”

What “classified information”?

Classified because of what?

That it incriminates and illuminates the Deep State Democratic Operatives in the DOJ and FBI even further as regards their sanctioned operation to keep Donald J. Trump from becoming president?

At this point we can only speculate, because, as I have previously written, the DOJ and the FBI are purposefully dragging their feet in releasing the documents which the House of Representatives has requested.

Call me paranoid, but Dep. Director Rosenstein’s smugness in answering the tough questions thrown at him yesterday seemed to be the reaction of a professional bureaucrat, not someone interested in “Truth, Justice, and the American Way” to borrow a phrase from the opening of the “Superman” Television Series which I used to watch with my Daddy at 6:00 a.m. on Saturday mornings.

But, I digress…

I wonder what sort of incriminating revelations are hiding in the documents which they have not handed over, yet?

Evidence about Hillary Clinton’s E-mailGate and FoundationGate?

Hillary’s BFF Huma Abedin passing classified information to her relatives in the Muslim Brotherhood?

Information about the whole FISA Dossier Fiasco?

Conversations between the DOJ and FBI Hierarchy and the 44th President of the United States of America, Barack Hussein Obama, about the surveillance activities involving the Trump Campaign?

Smoochy-smoochy e-mails between Strzok and Page?

A picture of J. Edgar Hoover in a dress?

Just kidding. (Try to un-see that.)

As Trey Gowdy boldly said yesterday, it is time for the DOJ and FBI to produce the documents and time for Mueller to end his dog and pony show designed for no other purpose than to bring down the President of the United States of American and to overturn the will of the American People.

Think about this: A Deputy Director of the FBI basically told members of the House of Representatives that he did not know diddly-squat about the activities of those under him.

If you believe that, you might be interested in attending the new Maxine Waters School of Grace and Charm.

This country is indeed being purposefully divided by those behind all of these distractions designed to disrupt the presidency of Donald J. Trump.

It is time to call a halt to them and to get on with the business of Making America Great Again.

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