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Red Minny Rising?

Greetings from the Loon & Tick State.

Bi-Polar Bruno here.

Was it just 6 short weeks ago that Your Intrepid Man in Minneapolistan was Totally Convinced the GOP had predictably fumbled away a hysterical/historical opportunity to Turn Minnesota Red?

Why yes.

What difference a hat trick of fortnights makes.

“So,” you ask, “what gives Uncle Bruno?”

I’ll clue ya in.

The DFL (Democrat-Farmer-Labor) party has decided to embrace it’s Inner Keith Ellison and publicly reveal itself as the Democrat-Female-Liberal/Leftist party.

Check it out:

Delegates to the 2018 DFL convention in Rochester were asked to choose between voting with their heads or voting with their hearts.

They ultimately — after six ballots — chose their hearts.

The Donks had a Golden Opportunity to go with the Stealth Candidate (CD-1 Rep. Tim Walz) but dropped him faster than Slick Willie routinely dropped his pants behind the Resolute Desk.

Instead they went with an uber-liberal Twin Cities politico who then turned around an picked for her running mate a lesbian community organizer who was also Congressman (take your pick) Keith Hakim, Keith X Ellison and Keith Ellison-Muhammad’s former campaign manager & new DFL rising starette Erin Maye Quade.

So the top four DFL endorsements coming outta the Rottenchester (Rochester) convention were:

Two-term Incumbent Senator Happy Talk Small Things (uber-liberal Amy Klobuchar)

Six-month Incumbent Senator Not Al Franken (uber-liberal & Planned Parenthood shill Tina Smith)

Five term State Representative I’m a Woman! (uber-liberal DFL hack Erin Murphy)

One term State Representative I’m a Lesbian Woman! (up&coming uber-liberal DFL hack Erin Maye Quade)

Be still my heart…

It’s a slate of candidates only a hapless, clueless, moronic, dim-witted & flat-footed GOP could find a way to lose to.

So, eminently doable…

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